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What do you want your glasses to say about you?

By Melanie Ward on 07/02/17

The 2017 Lynne Fernandes Collection has arrived bringing International style from across the globe to your local high street. Whatever your look, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect glasses for you.

Function and fashion

Lynne explains, "On a practical level we wear glasses to assist our vision, but eyewear goes far beyond function. We understand selecting the perfect frame gives the wearer a greater sense of confidence and style. We are all individuals and the designs we select reflect our personality."

 Gerard Fernandes continued, "Lynne and I visit the best trade shows and manufacturers to ensure we bring the very best collections back to our local customers. We are proud of the designer range we have available, they are not only chic but skilfully crafted to the highest quality and for ultimate comfort."

 Designer eyewear

Whether your look is smart, elegant, sophisticated, dashing, fun, sexy, confident, intelligent or geeky – there’s a designer brand to match your style.

You can choose from:-

  • The timeless beauty of Danish brand, LINDBERG, synonymous with award-winning, quality rimless glasses.
  • MOSCOT a New York City institute with bold, retro styles.
  • Barton Perreira handmade, unique luxury eyewear from LA.
  • From Australia, the globally iconic Carter Bond.
  • Originally from the US, Ray-Ban the face of cool for over seventy years and sporting Oakley.
  • Britain’s leading bespoke eyewear brand, TD Tom Davies.
  • The fashionable and authentic Bloomdale from the Netherlands.
  • Plus more!


Say who you really are

This is our most exciting collection of desirable eyewear yet. Call in, try them on and find the glasses that say who you really are!

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