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Transitions from specs to sunglasses in changing light

By Melanie Ward on 08/06/18


With the summer months now upon us, many of us will be setting off on another holiday to remember. Whether it’s a city break to San Francisco, a relaxing Mediterranean beach holiday or a staycation, it’s time to pack those all important specs for maximum protection.

Optimise your eyesight

If you regularly wear glasses, there’s probably been a time where you’ve been unhappy with them when you’re out in the sunshine. It can be annoying to have to switch from your specs to your prescription sunglasses. And, even more annoying if you don’t have any prescription sunglasses or you’ve forgotten to pack them.

This might seem like a minor complaint, but you may find yourself experiencing this type of situation regularly. To combat this, many people opt for photochromic lenses which are also known as Transitions lenses. These lenses adjust to changes in light to optimise your eyesight. When you’re exposed to ultraviolet light, the lenses darken to resemble sunglasses.

World number one photochromic lens

The moment you step outside wearing Transitions lenses you’ll understand why they’re regarded as the number one photochromic lens worldwide. Transition lenses filter light with industry leading photochromic dyes whilst blocking 100% UVA/UVB rays and can change from clear indoors to fully dark in the brightest sun.

Unlike sunglasses, which have a set tint, Transitions lenses are constantly adapting to your surrounding light conditions. The constant and smooth transition allows you to see well in many different light conditions.

Personalise your style

Transitions can be personalised. No matter which glasses frame you choose, we can fit a transition lens. Choose your own personal style from our Lynne Fernandes 2018 Collection with frames by MOSCOT, William Morris Black Label, Lafont and John Lennon to name but a few. Transitions are also suitable for all ages, including children. We have a great selection of kids’ frames too.

Whilst it is important to choose your frame, it is also important to select the appropriate lens. Choose from the three classical Transitions colours, including grey, brown and graphite green or from four new colours including amethyst, emerald, sapphire or amber.

For an even more enhanced solution, choose Transitions XTRActive which is ideal if you have an active outdoor lifestyles and if you do a lot of driving.

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