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Book a contact lens appointment and we will discover the best lenses for your lifestyle. Whether you are office based, a sports enthusiast, wanting to never wear glasses, or fancy changing the colour of your eyes, we will find the right contact lens for you.

Even if you have been told you are unsuitable for contact lenses in the past, or you have never quite adapted to contact lens wear, come and see us! There have been so many developments and innovations over the last 10 years and as an independent practice, we can source contact lenses from any company form anywhere in the world. We place no restrictions on our lens choice.


Contact lenses are now available that correct accurately for astigmatism, presbyopia, high prescriptions and dry eyes. We often see people who’ve given up on contact lens wear in the past or have been told their prescription or eyes are not suitable for contact lens wear. These people are our favourite people as they leave the practice wearing comfortable contact lenses that provide clear vision and they extol our virtues to all their friends!

Pop in or book an appointment here to have a free comfort trial of new modern comfortable contact lenses.

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Direct Debit Plan: Eyesense

Our Eyesense direct debit plan gives you a wonderful package of benefits that provides you with everything you'll ever need.

  1. An annual eye examination with retinal photographs:these are so important to maintain good vision and eye health.
  2. Contact lens review : as often as needed. We will ensure you have the best possible lenses and solutions for your lifestyle and budget. We do this by will assess your vision and comfort and fit of your contact lenses and listening carefully to you.
  3. Free home delivery: of contact lenses and solutions. They are just the right size to fit through your letter box! Or, if you prefer, you can pop in and see us to collect. We love to see you, just let us know which is best for you and your lifestyle.
  4. Free spare contact lenses and solutions: if you lose or break a contact lens, or run out of solution, we will replace these free of chanrge, as often as you need, no quibble.
  5. Free glasses worth up to £59When you sign up to our contact lens direct debit scheme we'll see you get a free pair of glasses worth up to £59 from a selected range. Or, you can upgrade and have £59 off the upgraded pair.*not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  6. Free Contact lens comfort trial: if any new designs come onto the market, be they coloured or simply a better design, we are happy to supply these lenses free of charge, for a trial.


Please email or ring us, or pop in for further details.

Information and advice

Please do contact us with any questions you may have. You can use our ask the expert sheet here:

Questions we are often asked are:

I have never worn lenses before, what happens?

First you will have a full eye examination. Then we will discuss your lifestyle and visual needs to work out the best potential contact lenses for you, bearing in mind your budget. We take detailed measurements to ensure the lenses will fit and then you can try some contact lenses. It feels a little like having a drop of water on your eye. We then check the fit of the contact lenses and make sure they are the right strength for you. After that we teach you how to look after your lenses. How to pop the lenese on your eye and safely remove them. When you are comfortable, you leave with your contact lenses to try at home. After a few days, you return wearing the lenses to tell us what you think and we check the vision and the fit of the lenses, you eye health, and how you are handling the lenses. We review and concerns or questions, and if all is well, we will give you a contact lens prescription and give you your contact lenses! We will review after 6 months, but if you have any problems or questions in the meantime, we are always happy to see you.

I already have an eye test, do I need another one?

As long as you’ve had an eye examination within the last 12 months, and you bring the prescription card to the contact lens fitting appointment, you will not need another eye examination.

What is a contact lens prescription?

This specifies exactly the dimensions of contact lenses that we have prescribed.
What happens if I have problems with my lenses?
Give us a ring, email us or pop in. We are always happy to hear from you and help you in any way we can.

Is it ok to swim/shower in my lenses or use water on my contact lenses?

There is an organism called acanthamoeba, which is found in water. Ordinarily, if it splashes into your eye, its blinked out again fairly quickly. However if you are wearing contact lenses, it can get caught in the lens matrix. This is a nice warm, food rich environment when acanthamoeba will thrive. Its very painful, makes you go blind and is hard to treat. In our opinion, its just not worth the risk.
And we do have some very nice, snazzy prescription swimming goggles, starting from £30.