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Eye Examinations

Regular eye examinations are a good way to establish if your eyes are healthy and you are seeing optimally. Our standard eye examination includes a detailed history and symptoms so that we can understand your family and medical history and your visual needs. We test your eyes to ensure you are seeing as clearly as possible, and carry out the clinical tests indicated by your history and lifestyle to check your eye health.

An advanced eye examination is a more indepth, more detailed eye examination. We carry out additional clinical tests, tailored to your visual needs and medical and family history to detect change early, and enable earlier management and treatment. Many common eye diseases such as glaucoma, diabetic eye disease and age-related macular degeneration often have no warning signs. A detailed advanced eye exam is the only way to detect these diseases in their early stages.

Unique to Lynne Fernandes Optometrists, EyeSense is a bespoke eyecare plan created by your optometrist for your eyes. You spread the cost of your eyecare by monthly payments which are tailored to your eyecare needs.

It may be that you simply want to have the best eye examination, or you may have an increased risk for a common disease such as glaucoma, or macular degeneration. With the best assessments, with specialist optometrists, at regular intervals we build up data about your eyes that is effectively predictive eyecare. If something does go wrong, we pick it up sooner and treatment is quicker and usually less invasive

You might also choose to be treated for myopia (short-sightedness), dry eyes, blepharitis, dyslexia, as a glaucoma suspect or a another eye condition. Our specialist optometrists are experts.