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Specialist Services

In addition to our comprehensive eye examination we can also provide a more specialised service, depending on your needs. These incur an additional fee and may be an extension of the routine eye examination or booked as a separate appointment.

Goldmann Applanation Tonometry and Humphrey Visual Fields

These are the Gold Standard techniques for assessing intra-ocular pressures (IOP) and visual fields. If you are being treated for Glaucoma and are concerned about your IOP we can assess privately and give you the results for your consultant.

Retinal Photography

Retinal Photography

Retinal photo of the eye

All of our practices have a retinal camera, which enables the optometrist to take digital photographs of the retina at the back of your eye. This gives a permanent and accurate record of the appearance of your eyes, which we store on our computer using a specialised database.

At subsequent visits the optometrist can compare images and look for any changes in your eye health. This is especially useful in monitoring eye conditions such as age-related macular degeneration, suspect glaucoma and diabetes. Even if your eyes are healthy it is still worth having photographs, as this will be useful for comparison in the future.

Glaucoma Screening

This is a more in-depth assessment for patients at a greater risk of glaucoma, e.g. family history, high eye pressures, suspicious appearance to the optic nerve.

Your eye pressure will be measured using a Goldmann tonometer (instead of a puff of air), and your peripheral field of vision assessed in more detail using the Humphrey Field Analyser. Both instruments are considered to be the gold standard and are used in hospitals. We will image and analysie the optic nerve to a finer degree than routine by regularly dilating your pupils. Your optometrist may also use a special lens to examine the drainage angle in between the front surface of your eye and the iris. We run a regular peer review training for our optometrists in the latest theories of Glaucoma development. In effect your optometrist will create a bespoke EyeSense plan for your eyes.

Binocular Vision Assessments/Dyslexia

Retinal Photography

In order for our visual system to work to its full potential it is important that we have good binocular vision. This requires both eyes to see well and work together as a team. This is especially so for children, whose eyes are still developing.

Some people experience visual discomfort that can be due to problems with the binocular vision system. At Lynne Fernandes Optometrists we can assess various aspects of your binocular vision and prescribe eye exercises or spectacles to make your vision more comfortable. If appropriate we can also assess your reading vision using Intuitive Overlays.

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