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Team WR2

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Thank you to our wonderful team for their amazing hard work and commitment to deliver the very best in eyecare and eyewear.

We are here for all your eyecare needs. You can book your eye exam, contact lens appointment, a specialist eye appointment and also arrange to collect your glasses or have your glasses adjusted.

Our services

All our optometrists are trained in the care of eyes and vision, detection, diagnosis and, in certain cases, management of eye diseases. You can find a sort list of some of the services we offer below.

Booking for an Advanced Eye Examination at LFO will result in a spectacle prescription and a recommendation for eyewear written clearly on a report under the abbreviation ARC (A for what we advise, R for what we recommend and C, for the clinical status of your eyes). From the prescription and ARC we then take you through a Styling experience. Our eyecare is recommended within "EyeSense": Personalised, Predictive and Preventative eyecare
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Personalised, predictive, preventative eyecare for people who have the vision to invest in their eyes for now and the future.

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