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Enhanced Readers

What is an Enhanced Reader?

A traditional reading lens focuses near vision at a fixed distance, usually 40cm, which you would typically use when holding a book you are reading. Enhanced reading lenses offer focus at two distances for more flexibility.

At Lynne Fernandes Optometrists, we understand that while you may enjoy reading, you also may use a Kindle, an iPad, or a smartphone, as well as a desktop computer. You might knit, sew, paint, or play a musical instrument.

Many people hold a smartphone at a different distance from a tablet or a book. You may read a newspaper at a desk, but hold a magazine in your hands.

An enhanced reading lens has a subtle variation in its strength to encourage your eyes to be relaxed, and provide clear vision all the way from 25cm to 2m.

Advantages of Enhanced Reading Glasses

Enhanced readers support your vision at a range of distances - all with a single lens. They are more advanced than varifocals and ideal for people who need to view both close-up and intermediate objects with wider viewing zones. They are more comfortable than switching between different pairs of glasses, and for most people, less likely to cause neck and shoulder discomfort as they alleviate the need to move your head to a different angle, and reduce even eye strain and headaches.

Types of Enhanced Readers

Some enhanced readers are designed to view objects at multiple distances (e.g. 1, 2 and 3 metres) – some are designed to view objects at two distances but with better coverage of intermediate distances. Some are ideal for particular occupations (such as musicians, doctors and retail workers) and others for reading activity on phones and tablets and with books. Most of them are equally good for occupations and life outside work.

Are Enhanced Reading Glasses right for you?

Our qualified optometrists in Bristol and Nailsea recommend these lenses for anyone whose work requires clear near vision, as well as clear vision at a greater distance - whether that’s professionals working at a computer, or anyone who spends time reading or working on a digital device, or who has a hobby which requires clear vision over a range of distances.

Enhanced readers work very well compared to contact lenses and traditional lenses for people who need precision vision at a range of distances, both at work and at home.

Find your perfect Enhanced Reading Lenses

Enhanced reading lenses are great value for the benefits they provide, but they do require personal precision dispensing. Our skilled dispensing opticians will take bespoke measurements to create the perfect lenses for you and your lifestyle. If this is of interest and you think you would benefit from a pair of enhanced reading glasses, book an appointment with us today.

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