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Myopia Causes in Children

Is your child struggling to:

Classroom with White Board - Poor Eyesight in Classroom

...see the whiteboard clearly at School?

Blurry Eyesight TV Screen Device - Myopia Management

...see the console screen or TV clearly?

Boy Playing Football - Learn about Myopia Causes now

...see clearly outdoors?

If so, your child could be Myopic! This is even more likely to be the case if you are myopic.

What is Myopia?

So what is Myopia and what can be done?

Short-sightedness (myopia), is the eye condition where near objects are clear, but objects farther away are blurred. It is caused by the eye ball growing slightly too long.

The percentage of people who develop myopia is increasing sharply, to the extent where it is now considered an epidemic.

Research currently shows the number of short-sighted children is increasing as myopia affects nearly 80 million children around the world, a figure set to rise sharply by 2050. The average onset age of myopia is also getting progressively younger; in 1983 it was eleven years old, whereas in 2000 it was eight years old.

Child Wearing Glasses with Mum - Myopia Management

Myopia causes and treatment for children

So could your child be Myopic? How do I know? In the videos below, we explain what myopia is, the signs to look for to spot it and the causes behind it. We also cover the impacts on children and the options we have to help correct and slow the problem.

Understanding short - sightedness in children

Signs of Myopia

What are the causes of myopia?

How can myopia affect my child?

Vision correction options

Myopia control and management programmes

So what is the answer?

There are many options to slow down Myopia causes but research shows the younger you start on a Myopia Management programme, the better the chance of success.

Treatments range from lifestyle changes to different types of contact lenses or spectacle lenses. The Optometrist will discuss all the options available at your appointment and would recommend the best one to suit the patient.

To find out more about Myopia, follow the read more in the boxes below. You will also find some very useful links to websites that cover Myopia in more depth.


Have a short-sighted child? Book an appointment with our specialist optometrists.

Child with Myopia

What is Myopia Management?

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