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The right glasses for multitasking

It’s natural to notice changes to near vision at 40 and above.

Yet it’s the busiest time of our lives: juggling family life, friends, fitness and hobbies. But it’s important to get the right glasses to support your lifestyle and provide the best visual comfort

Most people experience presbyopia from 40 upwards; where the lens in your eye thickens & hardens making near vision more or a strain.

Varifocals are the answer: but the key is that the right lenses are chosen, measured and fitted perfectly for you and your lifestyle by specialists

If you want the best opportunity for enhanced vision, come in and talk to us. We are the experts.

Introducing the Varilux XR Series Lens

The first of its kind, this eye-responsive varifocal lens launched by EssilorLuxottica offers wearers precise sharpness and clarity as they go about their day-to-day life. Powered by artificial intelligence, this is the ninth generation of the Varilux series. Lynne Fernandes Optometrists are proud to be able to offer this brand-new technology of lens to customers.

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