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Designer Frame Sale

Do you fancy treating yourself to a new pair of glasses this winter, but like to bag a bargain?

Beautifully styled, high end frames are going to be discounted in our spectacle frame sale!

Here's why:

One of our visions is "To be the go to place for Eyewear in Bristol". For us to achieve this, it means bringing in eye wear designs that may be new to Bristol, maybe even to the UK.

Some of these brands work brilliantly: for example, we are definitely the go to Eyewear place for Moscot, Lindberg, Barton Perreira and many others. But sadly, some designs that we think are fabulous, with beautiful features and that are high quality just don't work. Maybe the time is wrong, maybe the price is wrong, maybe we've just made a mistake! Whatever the reason, we have learned: it's better to try and be disappointed, than to be dull.

Which leads me to our winter frame sale. Twice a year we heavily discount stock that has been on our shelves for over a year. It's still great Eyewear, just not attracting enough people to continue the range.

However this makes it the perfect time to consider a bargain from great quality eyewear designs such as Oakley, iC! Berlin, La Font. We've even got a few Lindbergs and Ray Bans in the mix. These really are a "once they're gone, they're gone" frames, so do come along as soon as the sale starts on Monday 16th December.

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