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Whether you have dry or watery eyes, we diagnose the cause and provide tailored solutions for your sore eyes, using the latest technologies.


What is dry eye?

Dry eye is caused by either a lack of the watery part of the tear film, or a poorly functioning waxy or oily part. This causes the tear film to become hypertonic and break down, causing inflammation of the eye surface. You can treat the symptoms with eye drops. We analyse your eyes, your health and your lifestyle to treat the cause of your dry eye and create a long lasting solution, that can be life changing.


How much is a dry eye treatment?

There are many types of treatments available, including tear duct syringing and IPL treatment, to name a few. We recommend you join EyeSense, a clinical eyecare monthly direct debit plan to cover all your eyecare needs. The plan starts from just £21 per month for a dry eye assessment and bespoke dry eye plan.


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Dry Eye Treatments Available

Tear Duct Syringing Treatment
We offer our dry eye care clinic services across Bristol, Nailsea, and North Somerset.


For more information on dry or watery eye assessments and treatments in Bristol, please ask the expert and we will respond within one working day.