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Caring For Your Contact Lenses

As a contact lens wearer, it is important to look after your lenses to ensure you have the best possible vision and comfort, and to protect the health of your eyes. The Lynne Fernandes Optometrists contact lens store experts are here to help...

Here is some useful information on how to apply, remove and care for your contact lenses.

Applying your contact lens


Wash and dry your hands thoroughly every time before you apply or remove your lenses.


Remove the lens from its packaging and observe it carefully. Check the lens is clean and that no tears or parts are missing. If you have a toric lens, look for the little lines. (On most lenses, they are at 12 and 6 o’clock. Your optometrist will show you where to look.) Move the lens into the correct position to ensure the clearest possible vision.

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It is important to make sure your lens is not inside out.

If it looks like a bowl, then it is the correct way around.

If the edges curve outwards then it is inside out. (It does take practice to see the difference. If you would like help please ask your optometrist.)


Use your right hand for your right eye and vice versa. When applying to your right eye, place the lens on your right index finger and use your middle finger to pull your lower lid down. Then use your left hand to hold your top lid out of the way.

TIP: Hold the very base of your eyelashes. Catching your lens on your lashes is one of the most common reasons for failed application.


Your eye should be looking in towards your nose. Place the lens half on the white (conjunctiva) part of your eye and the other half on the centre (cornea) of your eye.

TIP: Do not press too hard or the lens may stick to your finger.


Remove your finger; release your eyelid slowly whilst moving your eye in different directions to allow your lens to settle.

TIP: If you find that once you let go of your lid the lens pops out try releasing each eye lid one at a time whilst moving your eye. This will help squeeze out any air bubbles under your lens.

Now that you have successfully applied your lenses, it’s important you wear them exactly as instructed by your optometrist.

Removing your lens


Wash and dry your hands thoroughly every time before you apply or remove your lenses.


Use your right hand for your right eye and vice versa. Hold your lids as you did for applying your lenses, looking towards your nose.


Slide the lens down and out using your index finger and then squeeze the edges of the lens and lift off with your index finger and thumb.

TIP: This can be tricky but don’t be tempted to look for the lens. Keep looking in towards your nose or as your eye moves your lens will automatically centre on your cornea again.


Check the lens when you have removed it. Is it clean? Is it intact? If the lens is not in perfect condition, please do not use it again. If you need a visual reminder, take a look at this great video to see how it’s done.

Cleaning your lenses

If you wear daily disposable lenses, you do not need to clean your lenses.

If you wear re-usable lenses, it is important to clean them thoroughly to keep your eyes healthy and ensure your contact lenses remain comfortable.

Remember, all contact lens cleaning solutions are different, so it is important to use the solution recommended by your optometrist and to read the instructions carefully.


Place the lens in the palm of your hand and put a few drops of cleaning solution onto the lens. Rub it gently with your finger. This helps remove deposits which can build up and make the lens uncomfortable and your vision less clear.


Rinse your lenses in a cleaning solution. Then place the lens in your case and fill it with fresh cleaning solution right up to the markers.

Remember, always use fresh solution when cleaning your lenses.

Cleaning your lens case


After applying your contact lenses, empty the solution out of your case. Wipe the case with a clean tissue and place it face down on a tissue together with your lens case caps.

TIP: When you clean your case always use your contact lens cleaning solution. Never use water.

Caring for your lenses and your eyes

We recommend you conduct a simple, 3-Step self-examination every day. Ask yourself:


How do my lenses feel on my eyes?


How do my eyes look?


Has my vision changed?

If you notice any problems remove your lens immediately. If the problem stops, discard the lens and try again with a new lens. If the problem continues contact us immediately for advice.

If your eyes are red or sore, or you have blurred vision, you should always contact your optometrist for advice straight away. If you have concerns outside practice hours, contact your nearest A&E. If you are in any doubt about any of the symptoms above, always leave your lenses out and contact us for advice as soon as possible.

Do’s and don’ts

Whether you are a seasoned contact lens wearer or new to wearing contact lenses, we want you to have a safe and happy experience. So, here are some quick do’s and don’ts.


Wash and dry your hands before applying and removing your lenses even if you wear daily disposable contact lenses.

Change your cleaning solution every time you store your lenses.

Contact us as soon as possible if you are having any trouble with your lenses.

Ensure you have an up to date pair of glasses even if you wear your contact lenses most days.

Use the cleaning solution as recommended by your optometrist. Make sure it is stored correctly and in date.

Replace your contact lens case once a month.

Replace your lenses at the recommended interval. (i.e. if you wear two weekly lenses, replace your lenses every two weeks after removing them from the sterile packaging.)

Attend a regular contact lens review as advised.

Attend a regular eye examination at your recommended intervals (at least every two years for an eye examination and once a year for a contact lens review.) These regular examinations are a legal requirement when you buy your contact lenses.


Sleep wearing your lenses (even when taking a nap) as this can multiply the risk of very serious eye infections.

Wear your lenses when near water. This includes wearing your lenses in the bath, shower, when swimming or in steam rooms. The risk is small but potentially very serious.

Insert your lens if your eye is sore and red. Leave your lenses out and contact your optometrist for advice.

Clean your lens case in the microwave, dishwasher or the sink. Only use your contact lens cleaning solution.

FAQs for new contact lens wearers

Q1 What happens if I drop, loose or tear a contact lens during my fitting period?

A1 Just let us know and we will provide you with a replacement.

Q2 What if I am really struggling to insert and remove my lenses?

A2 Please let us know. If you are on Eyesense we can arrange another session to show you
how to apply and remove them. If you are not on Eyesense, we can still arrange another session but there will be a small fee.

Q3 I think I have a contact lens stuck in my eye?

A3 Call our contact lens store experts immediately and we will see you as an emergency. There may be a small fee if you are not on EyeSense. If this happens when we are closed, you should go to A&E to have the lens removed.