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Emergency Appointments

Emergency eye care during the Covid-19 lockdown

Lynne Fernandes Optometrists

  • Includes urgent clinical advice or intervention
  • First line advice will be via e-mail, then by telephone or video conference
  • If essential we will assess your eyes in one of our practices
  • Examples include:
    • Red eye, sore eye, photophobia (light sensitivity) or eye pain
    • Contact lens discomfort,
    • Foreign object,
    • Sudden change in vision,
    • Flashes and floaters which might suggest a retinal detachment

Bristol Eye Hospital is open for emergency eye care problems

    • 0117 342 4613 (08:30-16:30)
    • 0117 342 4572 (08:30-16:30)
    • 0117 923 0000 (Switchboard) for out of hours on-call ophthalmologist
    • Non-urgent questions from existing outpatients: please call your consultant's secretary as listed on your BEH letter