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Glaucoma - the silent thief of sight

By Melanie Ward on 09/06/17


Glaucoma known as the ‘silent thief of sight’ because it usually has no symptoms is the leading cause of sight loss globally. This National Glaucoma Awareness Week, 12-18 June, we’re urging you to #GetEyeWise and book your eye examination now.  It might just save your sight.

Why...   Read More

Protect young eyes from harmful rays

By Melanie Ward on 24/05/17

Summer is here. The time of year when we all spend more time outdoors especially the kids.  But, as you head outside with your sunscreen and hats to the ready, have you thought about protecting your child’s eyes from the sun?  If not, you really should. 

Kids s...   Read More

The Art of Vision

By Melanie Ward on 27/04/17

As a local business with a practice in Nailsea, North Somerset, we’re proud to be sponsoring North Somerset Arts Week 2017.

This 8th biennial arts festival takes place from 28th April to 7th May includes over 250 artists displaying their art at over fifty venues across the region.

The aim of the event is t...   Read More

New! MiSight® 1 day contact lens

By Melanie Ward on 04/04/17


The new contact lens proven to slow down myopia (short-sight) in children

MiSight® 1 day is the first contact lens to be launched in the UK that has been developed specifically for children to reduce...   Read More

Be a Modern Hero with our multi-pair lens offer!

By Melanie Ward on 02/03/17


We’ve teamed up with Essilor, the world leader in prescription lenses, to bring you a fantastic offer you won’t want to miss.

Multi-pair lens offer

Starting this month our multi-pair lens offer entitles you to two pairs of prescription lenses but you only pay for your first pair. The secon...   Read More

Find out why LINDBERG eyewear is like no other

By Melanie Ward on 23/02/17


Come and discover world-renowned, LINDBERG eyewear at our special afternoon event in Nailsea on Thursday 23 March.

LINDBERG has revolutionised modern eyewear with its exceptional designs and technical innovations. Gone is everything non essential and, weighing from just 1.8grams, LINDBERG fram...   Read More

What do you want your glasses to say about you?

By Melanie Ward on 07/02/17

The 2017 Lynne Fernandes Collection has arrived bringing International style from across the globe to your local high street. Whatever your look, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect glasses for you.

Function and fashion

Lynne explains, "On a practical level we wear glasses to assist our vision...   Read More

Bishopston Window Wanderland 2017 - a true feast for your eyes!

By Melanie Ward on 26/01/17

If you haven’t experienced Bishopston Window Wanderland, when the local community light up the streets with amazing window displays, put Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th February in your diary and head out to explore this magical arts trail. 

A true feast for your eyes; Window Wanderland is a great way to dis...   Read More

Sale time! Ends 31st January 2017

By Melanie Ward on 13/12/16

If you’ve always fancied a pair of designer frames, now’s your chance! Our amazing designer frame sale is now on offering you a choice of luxury eyewear brands reduced by up to 50%.

So, if you’re looking for eyewear to match your party outfit, to make the right impression...   Read More

7 Top optical tips for driving in the dark

By Melanie Ward on 20/10/16


It’s the time of year when the evenings and mornings are darker, making driving conditions especially difficult if you’re on the road early in the morning or at night.

In the dark your vision may feel blurred, you might find it difficult to focus and see ...   Read More

Lucy's short-sight remains static after joining our Myopia Control Programme

By Melanie Ward on 20/10/16

Following a routine NHS eye examination, eight year old Lucy, a patient at our Gloucester Road practice, was diagnosed with mild short-sightedness (myopia) and prescribed glasses by Optometrist, Corrina McEdluff. Lucy was excited to choose her new glasses and picked bright pink ones!   Her mum,...   Read More

LINDBERG Designer Eyewear Event - Saturday 5th November 2016

By Melanie Ward on 13/10/16


We're holding a special event on Saturday 5th November to showcase LINDBERG spirit Designer Eyewear at our Wells Road practice and you’re invited!

LINDBERG spirit - like no other

This world-renowned Danish brand has revolution...   Read More

Absolutely Affordable - and Fabulous

By Melanie Ward on 05/09/16

Buying new glasses can appear an expensive business and there may be times when your budget just won’t stretch. So, at Lynne Fernandes Optometrists we’re really excited to tell you about our new eyewear collection with the emphasis on value but without compromising on quality.

Eyewe...   Read More

Join the party - Saturday 30th July 2016

By Melanie Ward on 14/07/16


We’re holding a Celebration Open Day on Saturday 30th July at our Nailsea High Street practice and you’re invited!  We’ve got three great reasons to party and an exclusive offer for you!

  1. Our first year on N...   Read More

5 Top Tips for choosing glasses

By Melanie Ward on 21/06/16

Choosing new glasses can be a little daunting especially when there are so many different styles available. You know your glasses need to give you great vision, but how you look and feel in your glasses is really important too.  

So, we’ve put together 5 top tips for choosing glasses to help narro...   Read More

Lynne is crowned 'Optometrist of the Year' at national awards ceremony

By Melanie Ward on 11/05/16



Lynne Fernandes has been awarded with one of her industry’s biggest accolades. Lynne was presented with the ‘Optometrist of the Year’ trophy at the annual Optician Awards in the presence of over 500 fellow opticians fr...   Read More

Welcome to our new Blog

By Melanie Ward on 04/05/16

Thanks for visiting our new blog. Here you can keep you up-to-date with everything that’s happening at Lynne Fernandes Optometrists.

And, as well as all the latest news about us, our products and services, you’ll find helpful advice and information about eye health and eyewear for you and all the family.

There’ll be all sorts of posts from news to 'top tips' and 'how to guides' on lots of eye-related topics including:-