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Introducing The Tearstim for IPL Treatment

Tear Duct Syringing Treatment

The TearStim from Essilor offers a new, long-lasting solution to help manage eye comfort. Environmental factors, along with computer use, working from home and les outdoor time can contribute towards dry, uncomfortable, red eyes. Over than 20% of the worlds population suffer from dry uncomfortable eyes. Traditional remedies offer short term relief but here at…

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Glaucoma Awareness Week and Treatments

Glaucoma Treatment with EyeSense Bristol Eye Clinic

Glaucoma Awareness Week 8th to 14th March This Glaucoma Awareness week, we intend to spread the message about this eye disease and increase peoples understanding. Glaucoma is a term we give to a group of conditions characterised by changes in the optic nerve. The commonest form of Glaucoma in the UK is Open Angle Glaucoma…

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How to Choose Eyewear – LINDBERG Glasses

We love LINDBERG glasses and we’re known for having the best collection of this award-winning Danish eyewear. Read on to find out more: You choose the price Our styling teams will show you how to get a LINDBERG look at different price points, starting from £119. Of course, eyewear like many things in life can’t…

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6 reasons why you should protect your eyes this winter

Winter can be tough on our eyes. They’re exposed to the elements, from the cold, wind, and the sun’s harmful UV rays (which can intensify in winter when the angle of the sun is lower in the sky) to glare from lights when driving and dry eye. If you’re heading to the ski slopes, protecting…

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Why do billions of people still not have glasses

Our store always supports a Bristol family eyecare plan to encourage strong eye health, and we will always recommend buying a pair of glasses wherever possible!   At Lockheed Martin, it used to take a technician two painstaking days to measure 309 locations for certain fasteners on a particular curved panel. But according to Shelley…

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Our Eye Optometrist, Camilla Laporta

I am so relieved and happy to have qualified as an Eye Optometrist! The professional training period helped me to make the transition from university to working in practice smoothly. During this time, I was able to build my confidence as well as develop my clinical and communication skills. One of the things I enjoy…

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My favourite pair of glasses by Kirsty Johnston

Since starting at Lynne Fernandes Optometrists, I’ve really appreciated being able to take the time to really get to know customers so I can help them choose the right frames and lenses. There is one customer that particularly stands out in my mind – who chose bespoke Lindberg Glasses Bristol. She attended for an eye…

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Tom Davies by Liam Chambers

As an expert eyewear stylist, one of the things I absolutely love about the Tom Davies brand is that the possibilities are almost endless. They are able to be worn directly as an original model, or altered and tweaked in a made to measure format (meaning we can adjust the colours, the width of the…

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Eyewear Frames Styling by Becky Weston

This year, our eyewear frames Bristol experts have been reviewing our team training on styling a mini frame collection for any individual. Even eye care professionals can feel a little daunted when faced with choosing from banks of spectacle frames. This leads to most opticians playing safe, with the client ending up with “meh” glasses.…

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